All you have to do is to download the app and use it when you are travelling. Arriving at the airport, waiting in the lounge area etc...just ping your clues and wait for stranger to buzz you. Maybe it's your next love !

Bored at the airport

Bored at the airport

Arriving at the airport or waiting for your flight departure, Ping your clues and connect with whoever is at the airport like you.

Connect in the air

Connect in the air

Gonna be a long flight? Why not to connect with other passengers and who knows the connection could be forever.

Reconnect after the blend

Reconnect after the blend

Just landed and got an internet connection, Flightchat synchronise all your new connections you had on the plane...

They talk about us

Nominated best app in August 2015

FlightChat has been awarded best app for a month on the Appstore in 2015.

We connected few thousands people in a couple of days. It’s amazing how often people like to buzz others.

Your ultimate dating app when you travel

FlightChat makes your travelling more exciting

Who knows who you will meet at the airport on the plane and maybe you will reconnect. Any good opportunity shall be taken, life is too short.

Download the app and start connecting with other travellers around you.









Flightchat user / From LA

Pretty awesome app, I connected with few people at LAX wish the outcome will be as good as a big love story


Flightchat user / From NYC

Awesome app to try when you are on the way for a busy business trip. I like the mini games once you buzz someone.